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February 26, 2013


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1. I hate this idea of "if you don't laugh at my joke, you have no sense of humor." I have a great sense of humor, and some jokes are simply not funny. Kind of feel like some jokes are lazy jokes.
2. I think you handled the "Nina's boobs" clue well; and by "well" I mean "better than I would have."
3. I just finished working at a job where my boss (a gay man) sexually harassed me by making comments about my boobs, and managed to do it only when I was working late and we were alone. He is a psychopath and it was absolutely a control issue.


You are rather awesome. I am rather impressed with your wisdom. I think I love you.

the slackmistress

A lot of jokes are lazy jokes. I'm definitely guilty of this (see the entire horsemeat/IKEA debacle of yesterday) but you want to HOPE there's a difference between spewing jokes out on Twitter and a group of professional (male) writers taking weeks to write an Oscar show.


I'd like to point out Salon's article, which puts some context to the scenes that were referenced in the song, along with the fact that one of those was an *actual* assault (Johanssen):

It's absolutely all about power.


Thanks for this. It puts into words all the issues I was having while I watched it far more eloquently than I ever could.


I like your Beauty and Beast idea better. Takes a little more thought and wisdom than a horny 15-year-old saying, I've seen your boobs.

I get both sides of the debate. I too can appreciate crass jokes I love a great dick joke since my maiden name was Ball.
(Don't even get me started.) I have to wonder more about the person who feels compelled to sing this diddy in front of millions of people. I mean if you are going to state the obvious, can you be a little more creatively funny other than reminding me of that stupid asshole in I made out with in 10th grade. Because you know. He saw my boobs.


I rarely miss an opportunity to comment on your tits. I AM TOTALLY ABOUT POWER.


Thank you for sharing this. Loved it and your response to the hasbeen tv star :)


Wow, didn't see this at the time of all the Oscar hoopla. Brilliant piece. Thanks for writing it. And you're hilarious on Twitter too!

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