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February 15, 2013


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This is every shade of awesome in the awesome rainbow.


Thank you!
I love you!


Excellent Post Nina, keep up the good fight.


You are awesome xoxo


As the formerly overweight and teased high school girl -- thanks


They won't do anything. But you did. So you win.

Hi Nina - It's Dan "Nitro" Clark. I'm the creator of the Gladiator Rock'n Run - and used to wear red spandex for a living on a TV show called the American Gladiators. I wrote every word on the FAQ section of our website. The spandex rule is a self-deprecating joke aimed at myself and those who were fans of the American Gladiator show who know I make fun of myself for wearing spandex on TV. If you read the rest of the FAQ's there is humor like the first "Workout Tip." Go and punch the biggest person you can find and run like hell." We are proud to have people of all sizes and shapes. Our motto as you can see in this very popular facebook post of Colleen that has over 12,000 likes is: "It's not about being the biggest, strongest, fastest, but doing the best you can."

Cheers - hope to see you at a race.

Dan "Nitro" Calrk

the slackmistress

Hi Dan,

I appreciate you responding!

If you honestly didn't know or think that overweight people would take the "Spandex rule" as a "hit" then that's okay. But I am telling you, that's the case. I write comedy for a living, so it's my job to find the funny, and it really came off as a "SPANDEX IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT" joke.

And I'm not the only one. If you read the blog - and the comments (as well as the comments on FB/Tumblr, etc.) not one person took the "Spandex Rule" to be a self-deprecating remark. While I'm sure you've taken your hits (no pun intended) for being a dude in spandex flashing across our TV screens, the reality is that you're good-looking, fit dude flashing across our TV screens. Generally, people like you get plenty of support.

I am NOT saying that you don't have problems or that people don't poke fun, but it's not the vitriol that fat people experience. (And I know that you know that part, because you're doing a lot of awesome work getting kids up and moving around.)

Again, I appreciate your response and I hope you'll reconsider the spandex rule. I'd lobby for a "no big hair" rule as I'm always caught behind some girl with a high ponytail that's caught in barbed wire. ;)

Lisa P.

As a currently obese person who has just started working out, I appreciate this post. I'm sick of people saying fat people are disgusting and they don't like seeing fat people at the gym because it grosses them out. So I'm supposed to sit on my ass at home being ashamed and getting fatter? Fuck that! If I'm at the gym, I'm doing something about it and that should be celebrated no matter where I'm starting from.

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