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January 18, 2013


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Michaela C

I love this. You 're right, it's time to take the pressure off - and be whatever we're meant to be. Sometimes that means we'll be great, but that doesn't mean we're never arseholes either. Life is shades and hues, not black and white. Xxx


Huh. You would be on my version of that list.


The thing is that a Dad is that cool until some moment after 5 years old, ever last one of my children realized I had no cape, could not fly, was vulnerable to way more than Kryptonite. At this point, I have been fired as a Super Hero, four times.

I have a few last gasps of coolness. Sometimes a collegiate daughter or son can make my job out to be awesome to a classmate and I may get a week or so in the sunshine. But, the truth is that I have managed to raise a son who can beat me at arm wrestling and gray ear hairs are an unjust punishment upon the human race. It takes its toll.

I cannot find a single father who does not have that "Fired Super Hero" scare missing from his soul. Unless their still too you to realize the speed their glory days are passing them by.

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