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December 04, 2012


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You were great and I owe the fact that I finished to you and Ami.


In comparison to the rest of the population, you ARE an "elite" athlete. Your drive and determination have caused you to win the very tough battle that we wage most every day; us vs. our warm comfy blankets which try to strap us down to our warm and comfy beds. With that battle won, the war is only a few steps, obstacles, feet of barbed wire, away.

Congratulations! on another victory. You and Will are quite the inspiration.

BTW: I'm running the January Spartan...we'll have to share experiences.

the slackmistress

So am I! Will's going to spectate, but if D and little are coming down, we should make a plan!


You look hella amazing. I am really so proud of you - I think that you are more authentic you than ever before, which is so awesome to read/see. It's really inspiring and why I keep reading!! =)


Steph Shea

My friend Jodi sent me your blog. I and a couple friends (absolute NON athletes--ok they almost are, I'm not) signed up for the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte NC in March 2013. Don't know what I was thinking but I am excited to do it! Great inspiration! Loved reading it!


Good for you! You Rock!


As someone running a Spartan Sprint in May, this makes me both nervous and inspired.

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