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August 08, 2012


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Happy Shark Week!


I too can't believe I've been married as long as I have because I'm quite certain I'm still a teenager.

Happy Anniversary! You two really are the bees knees.


Happy anniversary to my fave couple to eat a sports-celebrity-endorsed breakfast with. Among other things. Happiness to you for many, many Shark Weeks to come. xoxo


Yeah, know the feeling - I still can't believe I've been married to the same man for 44 years -- The reason you decided to have no kids is that remembering what you were like as a kid - you were afraid and with good reason


This was pretty confusing until I realized you mean actual Shark Week. (I may or may not call something that happens to my body every month Shark Week.)


Happy 5th Shark Week! Here's to many more!

Oh, and yes you can tell a kid a monkey is a swan or visa versa and they will believe you. It's fun to do, but hard with to do it with a straight face.

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