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August 17, 2011


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That was Fabulous. Thanks For sharing that. I watched those movies a dozen times as well. George Burns was A class act and funny across the generations...


Gracie Allen was beautiful, funny and whip smart. No one can make me blurt-laugh like she could.
George Burns' pure dry wit has had an effect on my sense of the funny for ages.

No two better comedic idols.


Aw! That's awesome. I loved him.


That letter is so adorably and amusingly awesome, just as Burns and Allen were themselves.

(Pardon the alliteration, I really just couldn't think of three better words.)


Nina that made me tear up. So cool. I hope this is hanging in your office at work.

While not totally the same thing, I used to write musicians a lot in high school, before the internet. Small punk bands and I used to get a letter or post card back here and there and man it meant EVERYTHING to me. Last week I got to tell Jim from Pennywise that he wrote to me when I was sixteen and I always remembered it and the look on his face was priceless.


That is so fantastic. I loved watching George and Gracie so much.

Daddy Geek Boy

That's an amazing letter.

I once wrote to the Dukes of Hazzard. Not John Schneider and Tom Wopat, but Bo and Duke Luke. Never heard back.


Wow. What an incredible story. What a great sotry and awesome momento for you :)

P.S. I too used to be able to quote "Oh God" and "Oh God II" as a kid. George Burns


Wait...he just wrote back now?

Teresa Lee

Wow. That is so cool. And thanks for reminding me I need to watch more Burns and Allen. It's all streaming on Netflix, but I have seen more of Oh God than of Burns and Allen.


I love this! I love George! You are awesome. I will now admit I STILL write actual fan letters. I wrote one to Doris Day about four years ago (I'm 44) and SHE WROTE BACK! The sweetest handwritten note. I'll be inspired by you to find it and blog about it.

That letter is a treasure (as are you). Have it insured. (Seriously.)


This letter and the story that goes along with it is, I'm certain, the coolest thing I will see all day. Thanks for sharing it with us; I think you should also consider sharing it with


I think there was a This American Life episode about George was so touching, the way he talked about his wife even a lifetime later. Comedy and talent aside, he earned a special place in my heart, just for that.


Rad story is rad Nina. And he's right, that letter means more than an autograph... it took more time and thought.


That has got to be the coolest thing (besides adult chocolate milk)!


Love this, especially I was obsessed with Burns' memoir about his relationship with Allen when I was 12. Awesome.

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