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August 01, 2011


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You just did the thing I always want to do.

I need a more courageous pair of big girl panties.

the slackmistress

I DID tell the instructor later. I debated whether to just let him take care of it but I find when people are confronted (and I was nice, but firm) generally they're shocked into not doing it again. (Unless they're total dicks.)


I knew that was you in the sweaty lime green top!



Every once in awhile someone comes into class to take promotional photos, or worse, videos. I get all tense and end up looking angry and mean, which probably isn't what they are going for to sell the gym.


I would have made him delete the photo.

Will Campbell

I'm the first person who'd stand up to you and your lime green tank top if we were in a public place (such as an outdoor park) and you played the permission card, but I'd also be the first person standing beside you nodding in agreement as you tell this guy he's wrong. Beyond the "no cell phones" signage, the spin class is taking place on private property where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and he has absolutely no right to take pictures without first asking for and receiving the management's approval.

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