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November 02, 2010


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But you DID read Max Brooks' "World War Z," right?

Also, don't watch that recently released zombie movie that I can't recall the name of right now...a whole section of the plot revolves around one group trying to "train" the zombies to eat a horse instead of people.

the slackmistress

That story in WWZ KILLED me. Just...killed me.

Also, good to know on the other one.


I've read "The Walking Dead" (*sigh* which goes without saying) and the show is fantastically true to it's source material.

Belinda is referring to "Survival of the Dead". Romero's newest flick. As a fan, it made me depressed at how bad it was.


Ben and I were watching this last night on the tivo and I said the exact same thing to him. If I become a zombie shoot me in the fucking head. he looked panicked and was like "I don't know if I can do that." So I said fine he'd be the first person I ate then.


I felt the same way about the horse! He would have been better off in his pasture. Loved this though. I haven't read the source material but Nate has and he adored it too.

I'll get killed off fast in the zombie apocalypse too because there I'll be dragging my old, fat, bitey cat along with me. He may be an asshole but he's all I've got.

The Pencil Neck

The horse thing really pissed me off. I thought zombies only ate humans. Are they out eating pigs and dogs and cats, too? No zombie gets any of our babies without taking us down first. Period.

And, yes, I'd go back for the horses and cats, too.


I would go back for my dogs. I have in fact had multiple dreams about what sort of sled/sling thing we could create to carry them if it were a nuclear winter.
Yeah. Mail me a nerd card too k?

J.R. LeMar

Well, I know I'm an even bigger nerd than you are (@ least when it comes to reading comic-books) but I haven't read the Walking Dead comic-book either, or watched the TV series. Although I have read other comics by the writer, Robert Kirkman, including his long-running superhero series, Invincible. But I guess I'm just not much of a zombie person in regards to fiction. Although I did read and love World War Z.


The horse bit, while gross did not bother me. Hey, zombies need to eat too, right? Shit happens with the shit hits the fan. And I will say that I am enjoying the show, read and enjoyed the graphic novels as well. Joe Bob says, check 'em out.

Peeved Michelle

We had this grizzled, ex-military, Red Cross guy in at work to talk to us about disaster preparation. He said, "If the Big One hit now, most of you would die because you are unprepared." He was the one who was unprepared, for the wide-eyed shock and uncomfortable silence that filled the room. I snickered as he tried to backtrack and soften the message for the corporate audience. That dude is going to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Andrew M. Reichart

The best boyfriend/girlfriend-unfazeable-loyalty moment I've seen in the genre is in "Day of the Dead," when one of the main characters gets bitten in the arm and is freaking out.

Without pausing for breath, his badass girlfriend
1.) tourniquets his arm
2.) chops it off with a machete

Having a lover who'll reliably shoot you in the head once you're turned is great. But having a lover who's badass enough to chop your arm off in time to maybe save you -- well, all I can say is, that's the girl for me.

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