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July 08, 2010


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Bless her heart.

I can't help but root for her, you know? Girlfriend's going to jail and she's still worried about that poor woman in Iran.

Homegirl needs to start having lunch with the Duffster, am I right?

the slackmistress

Hilary's mom was really protective of her (I saw was, simply because I haven't seen them in years.) I also know that they didn't NEED Hilary to work (they had money/careers of their own.)

Oh god, I guess this means some LL knowledge has seeped through my gourd.


Wasn't there a Hilary Duff/Lindsay Lohan rivalry? And you DID write for Hilary Duff. So to come to Lohan's defense must mean she really doesn't deserve her, ahem, public stoning.

Oh man I am going to hell for that last bit.

ANYWAY. I agree. I know this shocks you.

the slackmistress


b) HOW DID I NOT LINK THAT POST? Come back in a second for the edited version.


One of my husband's good friends was a fairly well known child-actor. He's told horror stories of how some parents worked their kids like livestock, labor and union regulations be damned.

I say LL should lunch with Hilary in hopes that HD's general sensible-ness will rub off on her, and then LL can get back to being funny and stable again.

Shoot, they're making Mean Girls 2 *without her.* C'mon girl!


I always suspected you.

P.S. Hoisting a petard sounds sexy.


I am so shocked by how many times I hear she deserves to go to jail. She is a spoiled bitch. She is a drug addict. It is sad the general lack of compassion today in this country. Yes even Lindsay Lohan deserves compassion. I don't think the judge is trying to make an example;she is trying to make a difference. Here's to hoping it does! And don't even get me started on who needs to go to jail. Mr Lethal Weapon


Now why Jodie wants Danny Glover to go to jail is beyond me.

Jessica Gottlieb

In addition to being outraged by the "death for orgasms", I feel badly for LL. I think of the mistakes I made in my early 20's and I certainly wouldn't want to have made them in public.


Is the weird brown/gray thing in the vegetable bin that we simply call "The thing that must never be touched" actually a petard?

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