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April 16, 2009


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there is NO better way to start the day.


Worst part is, my snooze alarm is only five minutes.


I am 10 to 20 minutes late to work everyday. Now you know why.


Waitaminute. Is "snooze" a euphemism?


and yet you wonder how come the naughty ninas are trying to recruit you :)


Hey- nothing wrong with a little "straight to the good stuff"

Miss Grace

Perfect way to start the day though!



Keith Konior

I don't comment on y'alls blogs very often, but please allow me to say that it is this kind of shit that convinces me that you two wonderful people will be together forever.

"By suggestion, even..." Right there, the story is told. Even if you don't believe in God, you should thank Him (even if you are smirking a bit as you do it) that you two found one another. Not many people are as brazenly honest about their private life as you two are. I love reading your blogs, and I like the both of you very much. So, basically...Thank you.


P.S. Nina, you are just hotter than hell. Well done, Will.

P.P.S. Will, the METS? Really? Sorry, man, but I gotta hate the Mets. I am an Atlantan, and it is in the contract that I signed. Although I am super-happy that you got to go to opening day. Citi Field is really, really nice. Fuckin' Mets.

will betheboy

If it makes you feel better Keith, I never got to Citi Field. Next season...and thanks.

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