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February 13, 2009


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The stay in our seats light was on! I couldn't go ANYWHERE.


the grabbing the air fart is named "the scoop and fling". my little sister and her ex would fart in their cupped hand, scoop up the aroma and put it under the victim's nose. trust me it works, and my little sister eats lots of apples (bad gas in the can)

my 4 yr old daughter LOVES farts. Everytime she toots, she exclaims "Happy Birthday". It's caught on. Happy Birthday Internet!


I love farting on planes! You could call it a pastime of mine.


my personal favourite is "crop dusting" - where you walk around a person whilst silently farting, creating a circle of fart that they are enclosed in


I am very courteous towards Stephanie, and will, when needed, go on a courtesy walk if we're out in public.

I care not about others, however, and I will let them know in my own special way. Douchebags of Target...you're on notice.

Lisa Potato

Ed has farted once during our relationship. Not just in front of me - at ALL. He just doesn't fart. He is magical that way.
I, on the other hand, fart almost constantly and I just do it wherever and whenever because I'd be in the bathroom 24/7 farting otherwise.


this completely made me laugh out loud. kudos to the awesome visuals.

my friends and ex's can tell when I'm farting because I just tend to back out of a room while still listening to them talk.


This made me giggle.

I want "Sorry About Farting" to be on my tombstone.

The Loss Adjuster

Between this and Jessica Gottlieb's blog earlier this week, I think we can safely dub this "Fart Week."

Jessica Gottlieb

Clearly there's a reason our families are drawn to one another. It's the highbrow conversations.


i love this story so very much, complete with the visuals. the idea of chatting with fellow passengers on an airplane (other than your own spouse) isn't something i'd ever want to do. however, it could come in handy for loud talkers on late flights.

glad you two are back!


That's hilarious.

olderslackbrother j

It is called the option becausw you catch it and pitch it. It IS a running based attack because you have to run down the field before the "pitch".

Will Campbell

I read this two days ago and I'm still laughing.


Can I just tell you? I was crying just a little while ago, and then I came here (because what better to do, when you're sad, than seek out some Slack, right?), and when I saw that picture of Will's chat window saying "sorry I farted," I laughed out loud. And it felt good.

Also, just now when I was typing my email address into the comment box, I hit two keys at once, and typed "ninjapoodlesW". I can only take this as a sign that I'm meant to move to California, become your hobo neighbor, and be henceforth known as "Ninjapoodles West."

the slackmistress

We would be happy to host Ninjapoodles West at any time!

Sweet Herald

This was hilarious. I shared it with a few of my friends.


I do not fart around my wife, wel in the same room anyway.

My step-daughter, on the other hand, is a different story. Ever since she discovered the ability to fart on demand, we have targeted each other with farts.

Sadly, she is now sixteen and above all that so the attacks are distinctly one sided.


I believe that now would be the time to tell you that, as NovySan and I are related to a flight attendant, we know that in the airline industry, "crop dusting" is the practice of letting flatulence fly while walking down the aisle.

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