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January 16, 2009


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I actually feel a little better knowing what the mime tweets were all about.

I was worried we all got drug into some kind of cosplay with you and betheboy.


I think mimes are awesome.



That is me laughing AT younger slackbrother j.


He should pay you the $30 just to take these down.

Lisa Potato

I am incredibly disturbed. I will never look at your brother the same way again!


I once participated in a Loud Mime Rampage.

Yelling "I'M STUCK IN A BOX!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs---"I'M PULLING ON THIS INVISIBLE ROPE!!!" is extremely cathartic. Especially when there are thirty of you.

"Aren't mimes supposed to be silent?!" gasped a horrified passerby.

"I'M ON VACATION" yelled the mime closest to her, and ran off.

Lisa Potato

There are exactly 177 results for the google search "mime slackmistress".


@will Except now he'll just his his empty pockets inside out of his pants, let them dangle, and make sad "mime tears" motions with his fingers.

PS. It's a good thing Marcel is dead, or he'd be all over J's ass for stealing Bip's look. Mimes, like clowns, develop a unique makeup pattern and costume, a signature if you will, and using another clowns makeup pattern would be akin to Hannibal slicing off someone's face and wearing it. Yes, ew, Hannibal Lecter, mimes, and clowns all in one comment. You get that oxford comma I just threw in there for free too.

PPS. Don't ask me how I know these things.


I don't know which is funnier - your story or lucinda's comment. Either way it's gooood.


I'd take your brother the mime over my sister the Born Again any day.

PS: I love NUMB3RS. A lot.


Is he available for birthday parties?


I'm impressed. I didn't expect him to look so mime-y.

And yeah, he should pay AT LEAST $30 to get these off the internet. At least.


okay you do fabulous mime make up. your brother looks adorable. you know, if mimes could be adorable

urban_ mermaid

this is seriously an item to be kept and shared. i don't know when i've laughed so hard. i really needed this.

and i won't ever look at younger slackbrother j- in the same way. (running off to comment on his fb page now.)

you are the best sister EVER!


I. Um. Wow. I don't think I can ever look him in the eye again.

older slckbrother j

That has serial killer written all over it. I'm sure the FBI has opened up a file. I would start auditing for horro gigs. That image will haunt me in my dreams...I hope he gets the gig! My gues that is probably ehat the Numbers people are looking for and he nailed it!


Maybe I'm just weird and hopefully you'll still talk to me, but I don't see a problem with any of this. Then again, I'm married to someone who occasionally dresses up in a gorilla suit and space helmet.


I have had a horrible week, and this post made me laugh my ass off. Thank you.

Bronwyn Lewis

Hahahaha. I think younger slackbrother j. is even more awesome now.


The posed pictures are completely so best! Way to pull through for your bro too.


I think this is a beautiful post. Someday soon, perhaps people like your brother will even have the right to get married in California and other states!


"Enemy Mime."


Mimes and clown scare me. And sports mascots. Basically any adult in a costume outside of October 31st freaks me out.

Sweet Herald

What was his reaction to this post?


I couldn't help but laugh at that!

from the pics alone, i'd totally hire him for a party...if I ever had a party that required a mime.

you are an awesome big sister for doing that!

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