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December 15, 2008


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before moving to hobo island, i lived in a place we called the crack house. and i had peeping toms because our windows were level with the walk way. if you changed your shirt in my bedroom at the wrong time, well... everyone could pretty much see. even with my blinds and the wrap i was using as curtains.


This is why I tried to keep that neighbor from finding out about you.


good advice about the lipstick. ;)

Deb on the Rocks

Excellent. I had a Peepie once who I was warned about by my neighbors. He was all kinds of shady and needed your consulting on his business, because he carried a leash on most nights. How many times can you lose your dog? I got fed up one night, opened the blinds and smashed my braless headlights against the window. He froze like a deer, and then bolted.


I love Peeps. They're sweet. And look like little ducklings.


How did this hobo universe manage to plonk itself in the middle of an otherwise decent neighbourhood? It's like a rip in the space-time continuum.

the slackmistress

Parents have kids that they leave buildings to, and kids go slowly insane. However, they're sometimes insane on our behalf.

Christopher Trottier

You're right about furries. I've never met a furry peeper in my life. Don't get me wrong, I think a furry would do really well with camouflage, but in my experience a furry is the kind of person who'd rather be peeped on. The thrill of being a furry is having us "normals" go "WTF is this guy doing?" For instance, check out this guy.



There's a race of them living here on the Mediterreanean coast. They all wear track suits and live within spitting distance of the noody beaches.

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