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October 02, 2008


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Shit. I am crying because I want to foster her SO badly. We just can't.


She sounds like such a lovely dog, unfortunately I live in Chicago/in a house with two old cats, but if I think of anyone I know if the LA area, I will definitely let them know. I really hope something works out!


Do you know how she gets on with other dogs?

the slackmistress

(emailed, and commented)

She gets along well with other dogs - while she's an oldie, her tail does these propeller like spins around other dogs. The place she's been fostered in does cat rescue, but they also have a bunch of dogs and she has NEVER had an issue. Also, when we have our adoption fairs (at the back of Centinela Pet in Beverly Hills) every other Sunday, she either ignores the other dogs or acts positively (see - propeller tail.)

She's been around cats, dogs, birds, screaming kids, and has always been 100% perfection.

She was a "courtesy listing" for the people who found her, but the main BF staff (Debbie, the founder of BF Jo Forman, and me) have fallen desperately in love with her because she is SO GOOD.)



How old is Emily? And how big is she?


Nina I posted a bulletin about this on myspace and am going to repost it on my blog. hope i can help.

the slackmistress

She's 70-80 pounds, and most likely around 8 years old.


If she were in Canada or I there, she would already be sleeping on my sofa. (If the situation becomes desperate, would a little "cross boarder shopping" be an option?)


I wish I lived in CA. We would totally allow Emily to adopt us. Any luck with the placement?

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