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August 23, 2008


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Marty Hebert (jmhebert on Twitter)

This is so funny. So did you dress up the next morning? ;)


My older brother had a newspaper route when he was around 12 and for some reason my mom refused to let him cut his hair and then finally my father yelled at her and my brother got his hair cut. And when he went to collect his newspaper money a few neighbors asked him, "Oh, what happened to that nice girl who used to come by?" My brother told them she'd quit. :)


I love that dog! And I'm going to believe the three legged pit bull is alive and well and living in Palm Springs.

And strippers. I love strippers! I've got a group that get me through the horrors of spray tanning.


that is a cute story, and proof that people don't REALLY look at each other in the eyes.

peanut is a cutie pie and you are only the 2nd person i've known that had a three legged dog.


Well you've given me hope that maybe my kids preschool teachers think I have a nanny to drop them off in the morning.

Jenny, Bloggess

I love three-legged dogs so much that I would want to cut the leg off my dog if I had one. But then he'd probably lose another leg and then where would I be. Two legged dogs are not cute at all. They are just sad.


Haw!! Hilarious! That story is horrible!!


My Blue Heeler has 3 legs. She chewed off the back one (honestly) to get out of a beaver trap. If that was not enough, she then walked 2 miles home and was laying on the front porch chewing on her dog bone. The toughest dogs I've ever met, guess that's why they have been used for over 100 years ranching on the great plains. Oh and yes, people actually still do trap... odd to me but none the less.


Hah! That is awful and yet hilarious!

My brother in law used to live in the porn star building. On Ventura in the Valley, of course. His pool always had some interesting people hanging out.


Could you really have looked that different? This makes me think of Clark Kent and how people don't recognize him in his Superman suit. I don't get it! ;-)

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