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March 12, 2008


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Hey Will...

I've been reading along via the Slackmistress' updates and knew you were in good hands.

I'm glad you are okay, and that they were able to remove the freaky penis from your guts.

I hope you can post a picture of it soon.

What did you name it?

Your first trials and tribulations as a married couple...and it seems you've passed with flying colors. Well done!


1. Slackmistress is a FABULOUS wife! I'm glad you appreciate her as much as you do. :)

2. I'm glad you're taking this as a way to stop smoking.

3. I'm glad you're feeling better now!

Man, I'm just really "glad," aren't I?


Smoking makes you have a second penis, goddamit. I keep telling you to quit. Also you left out the part about how you faked all of this to get out of going to dinner with me.

L.Bo Marie

imagine not a little girly "hee hee hee" as often comes out of me when I read anything the two of you write... but instead, this heafty gutteral "honk hawr hawr ha".

I'm glad you're doing ok, good job SM on being the super awesome wife!


You're a legend, Will. Withstanding pain for days on end, toting around a big ol' appendix, and now becoming an ex-smoker. Impressive!

I'm glad you are okay. And that you have Slackmistress to take care of you.


An extra penis? Please tell me you got to keep it in a jar!

The Daily Randi

Okay. Not Fair. Will said He Was Not Blogging and here he is. Blogging. This seems somewhat Planned...

But, in other news, I am glad Will Didn't Miss Lost. Eh, I mean That He Is Home And Recovering.




@TDR, I quit my blog but I never said I was quitting blogging.

Native Minnow

Glad you got that second penis out ok, and I hope Will recovers quickly.


Will, don't beat yourself up; "Lost" has really been good this year.


Rather a gnome than a midget. Glad to hear you are feeling all sparkly and on top of the world again.


Well, on reading further - rather a penis than a gnome, or a midget. Wonder if the garden will come with the gnome? Or a bad movie, with the gnome? Then again you could get a really good Frederico Fellini movie with the midget. All on the inside. Wow!


No picture of the second penis? It's not often that any of us onlookers get to see this kind of thing, you know.

Slackmistress has been a wonderful updater and twitterer. Glad you're home, fitting in her prom dress, and looking lovely.

Alyce Smythee

Did your weirdo doctor eat your appendix too?


Did you get to keep it!?

:: jozjozjoz ::


I miss you your blog! Hope you're recovering quickly!


I only read the first and last paragraphs because my intense/irrational fear of appen**** prevents me from reading about the gruesome/terrifying details.

But I will agree that your wife is a keeper.


Umm, damn. I'm really glad you're okay. More like a gremlin, I'm thinking.


Awww! Glad you're ok. What are you doing with the extra penis? Gluing it on top of your first penis, i hope. (Or making a necklace for Nina.)


Wow...awesome incision by incision account of your ordeal, guys. Had no idea it was that serious...but, man, so glad everything went OK! I propose a new nickname for Nina from here on out too...the SaintMistress!


Shit man...glad to hear you're ok now but never knew it took a turn for the serious like that. I would've been showed up with some flowers and/or porn or something had I known.

But seriously, who knew after all this time that you'd finally develop a reaction to having a giant penis inside you?


I'm so glad you didn't die of being a dumbass.


Glad the huge second penis is out of you. It was probably trying to make your original penis jealous. so I'm glad to hear that the war is over!

I think Tivo would be a great benefit to your health.

Happy Recovery.


Criminently! I get a few days behind reading my daily blogs, and look what happens. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Will, and I too hope to someday see documentary evidence of your second penis. What a wonderful wife you have!


Wow! Full on major surgery, no less. Nina is wonderfully capable and you sound like yourself, so good news all around.

I'm in the club, too, although mine was more like an angry turd than a second penis (er, of course, I don't have a first penis...) There was no wondering - I had a stomach ache and passed out in the kitchen while my husband was out buying Pepto. I, too, was violated, but not up the butt - so extra points there, too, man! (My husband was SO impressed by that - after the doctor left he said, "Wow! Did you see that? He was up in there and all, 'cervix, ovary, ovary, ok!'" "Well, he's a professional," I said.) Anyway, I was lucky and had the laproscopic - by day six I was spending the day at the Iowa State Fair. So, in the end, maybe we're even! ;) Speedy recovery, Will!

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