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March 27, 2008


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I am jealous! The hobos that live two houses down from me don't set up anything as useful as a gym for the neighbourhood. They just defecate on people's lawns and blame the dogs, or steal the water from our hoses because they have no electricity and no running water in their hovel. I guess that is the difference betwen hobos who, innocently enough, like beer...and those who like meth. But, to be fair, my hobos watch television outside in the summertime, so I guess the neighbourhood kids could come over for some Barney in the afternoons, as long as their parents are okay with toothless meth-addicts as babysitters. I bet they're cheap.

irina slutsky

sure, yeah, it seems nice now but wait till you move they'll never let you out of the contract!



And "shedding flakes of rust like a snakeskin"? That's f'in gorgeous, right there.


Can we pleeeeaaase have photos? ;)


That is so fuckin' rad dude!

Not only are your hobos innovative, adaptive, and creative but they are freakin' ATHLETES!

All my hobo buddies ever did in Chicago was lift a fifth of jack. On a good day.


Are they maybe all ex-cons? It sounds like they think they're exercising out in "the yard" only now with beer and tunes.


It's like you're living in a cartoon!


There are many reasons to love your blog--but this takes the cake.


The two hobos in my town are constantly seen riding bikes with eachother.


This made me laugh out loud. I'm sure it's not as funny being right in your own back yard!

the slackmistress

Wait wait wait...Caveman, your hobos have BIKES?! I don't even have a bike.

I'm doing this all wrong...


those are my kind of people, not to hang with but to "study" them. i like studying people, with the crazy ones at the top of my list.

:: jozjozjoz ::

I think I'm actually a little jealous...

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