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March 29, 2008


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Wow...that sounds so familiar...are you sure you weren't having lunch with my parents? :)


hurrah to you for the alltop listing! that looks like a neat place, i will peruse it very soon.

parents are silly.


After making dinner for them I have found that things are much easier to handle when there are no choices to be made. Here is food, eat it.

The Literary Vagrant

Totally off topic-ish... I love Duke's. Just thought I'd contribute that. Also... I agree with Will. That's how I feed my boyfriend- "you're going to eat this".

Will Campbell

"/headdesk" is my absolutely positively new favorite term. I even verbalized it at work today, as in: "You want it when!? Slash headdesk!" and everyone looked at me funny. So I blamed you with no /remorse.


I have the opposite problem. My mother won't order anything new...ever. We go to one breakfast style restaurant about twice a year and they still recognize her and ask if she wants "the usual". Argh.

Tote Board Brad

Ah Dukes Canoe Club....but, will they really serve you shoeless at the barefoot bar?


Ha! My parents are so bad they can't even decide on a *restaurant* let alone a meal.


Funny. Wow, you just made me really miss my parents.
And yet....


I first ate at Duke's in Oahu. We've then been to the one here a couple of times. But not since Eric and his sister both got really bad food poisoning after eating there.

P.S. I love your family stories.

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