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February 07, 2008


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Yeah, if you're gonna get stabbed, you totally want it to be over something worthwhile. Like control of the TiVo remote.


I guess there are far worse people you could be mistaken for, but here's hoping there's no stabbing going on!


OH MY GOD. I can't believe I didn't think of being a crazy obsessed stalker in order to become a screenwriter.

But who to be obsessed with? Diablo replies to my MySpace messages, so that won't work.

Wait, I have a better idea! I'll cut my hair (it's barely a bob anymore) and then YOUR stalker can mistake me for you and stab me.

Wait. This still doesn't seem quite right. Back to the drawing board.


incidents like these are really the only reason i'm glad i don't live in southern california.

maybe next time take daisy to picket with you so that she can growl at the weirdos?

the slackmistress

Daisy's not a growler. A homeless man once tried to break into my house and Daisy did a little dance and got ready to show him where I keep the silver.

Alyce Smythee

To add insult to injury, you'd get stabbed by a crappy stalker! Lazy stalkers who mistake their prey for other people... That's just lame.


I'd like to be stalked just once, but alas...I don't look like anyone famous.


bravo, loved how you just went right into character. very cute. i am glad you didn't get stabbed, did you make sure he didn't follow you home?


SCARY. Keep those pretty eyes peeled for stalker boy. And don't worry, I'm sure one day you'll have your own stalker that wants to stab you just for who YOU are!


You DO look like her! Way to take one for the team. She owes you!


The media, they LOVE you!


Well...at least you didn't get stabbed.


That's hilarious...and scary!


Hey, were you picketing in front of NBC last Thursday? I noticed your fishnets. I regret not making the effort to do it up right for the picket line. Respect!

the slackmistress

@Linda: Yup, that was me!


Ever go to Eight Ball in Burbank? You have yet another lookalike there -- Naomi, I think her name is, the shop owner. Cute shop.


Hi-larious. Kudos on not getting stabbed. :)

Y'know, I've been told all my life that I look like Winona Ryder, but these days I'd worry less about stalkers mistaking me for her as much as I'd worry about police or store clerks doing it.

Seriously, I do it all for research! Why don't they understand that?


FYI video of Diablo's seriously confused stalker is now posted at YouTube


It would be funny if it weren't so, uh, creepy (dude says he's been a DJ in strip clubs...mmm-kay...it was definitely time to picket another gate)

And for the record, no I couldn't care less about Diablo Cody (I live in the country far from arthouse theaters where I could possibly have seen 'Juno' by now. But I know me some Lizzie McGuire...fun show!)

S.E. Olson
Moderator & Law & Order Criminal Intent Fan Liason


mmmmmichelle just pointed this out to me and i'm giggling like a fool. i <3 diablo and really want to meet her myself, but hello, what a creep.


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