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January 26, 2008


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You're famous! Okay, not really but your words carry a lot of weight. I'm proud of you.


yay you all up in the ny times :)!


Congrats! (Not that I've read the article yet, but I will!)


Yay!! You were very eloquent and that is a great picture of you!! You're definitely moving beyond the realm of Internet Famous and into New York Times Famous.


Well, i feel odd shouting out a "congratulations" because of the circumstances... but it's always fun to see your face in the Times. :)


I was just sitting on the couch reading the paper, got to this article, noticed the photo before I read a lick of the copy, and was like ...Um ...Wait ...Isn't that ...I think it's ...And then of course I turned to Google. Very cool, but yeah, obviously uncool circumstances!

Alyce Smythee

Fab, lady!!


Two things:

1. I did not realize there are days you are working from 5am to 11pm - it makes it all the more special that you find time to blog for us.

2. Anything non-industry people can do to help? You know, other than like, paying your rent for you. Should we not be going to see movies or anything?


Ditto Jen.


Well done! The writer seems to have connected with you and tells your part of the story well -your quotes are great. Im sure you din't babble as much as you think - and, love the strike ensemble.



AWESOME! "I know her!!!"


I appreciate you and your hard work.

The Daily Randi

I have a NY Times Sunday Subscription and just realized there was An Article Featuring The SM!
Yay! (Except, Boo! on the whole Strike Thing.)



There's something cool about seeing a photo in the NY Times, and thinking, yeah, way to get the scoop guys, I've seen this picture and known all about this for months!

Thanks for the insider's view on your struggle. Go Nina!


Loved how you put it into perspective.

Fun fact: did you know that double-clicking on any non--linked word in a Times article will result in a pop-up window showing the definition of that word? How cool/convenient is that?


Oh, it says so right there on the bottom of the page. God, I'm dim. Carry on.

Lady Jane Tea

Hey, look at us having a we-miss you thread sparked by the NY Times story on Consumating!



It's always a weird frisson to read an article about someone, and also read about a former classmate.

You came across very well, there, definitely clarifying the position in which many writers find themselves... Nice work.


Hooray that's awesome!!!

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