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December 11, 2007


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And that kid looks like Cindy Lou Who.

Lady McFancypants

Okay. Where did you get those tights? I must know. They are rad. Also, that baby is crazy-strong.


Wow...thanks for solving the riddle of Nick Counter's appearance for me. He does look just like the Grinch...only a tad greener...

And that baby, don't know how I missed her as I standing next to you all day, but wow...what a sweetheart! Cindy Lou Who indeed!


Off topic question:
Slack, what model Mac-Book do you use? I'm looking into getting my own after the holidays.


Look out Nick Counter! It appears the young paduan strikebaby is fixin to work a jedi mind trick on you.

(Star Wars reference mostly for Will, I know how fond he is of them.)

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