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December 04, 2007


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Indeed, the best photo ever!

mr. shain

can you imagine being a girl in high school with the last name bush? tragic.


Despite all of this, I still admire and respect the Bush family. Oh, and I work for GE, and we own NBC... and ummm... GE loves money, too :)

And despite all of that, I still love the Slack Daily :)

Thomas E. Reed

Are you certain she didn't stagger across the picket line, and the picketers were too afraid of catching something if they touched the skank?


I think you're being too harsh on Jenna Bush. She's proven herself to be a pretty decent person. As a daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the country, she could have gotten away with not working, or landing herself a cushy job with little training. However, according to all accounts, she worked hard at her internships while she was at UT, and after graduating worked for UNICEF--and these days she teaches at a charter school here in DC. She's a responsible young woman with her head on straight--and you have to give her credit for how tastefully she handles the fact that people say a lot of really mean (albeit usually warranted) stuff about her dad every day. And her book's on an interesting and important subject, too; it's not as if it's "Confessions of a President's Daughter."

As for crossing the picket lines...well, maybe she thinks that some things--like AIDS in third-world countries--are more deserving of our attention and support than Hollywood writers.

the slackmistress

@EN: All good points, but as the President's daughter, don't you think she can have a bigger platform to discuss the AIDS crisis in third-world countries than Ellen? The answer is "of course she can." There are people who are shedding light on many important issues and are not crossing picket lines to do it, so my guess is that the intelligent daughter of the most powerful man on the planet can figure out how to do so as well.


@ EN and Kerith
The Bush Family has been in politics long enough to know what it means and what it says to the world when they cross a labor picketline. Basically, they and she said "up yours strikers, you are of no importance"- There is no excuse - Any admiration is misplaced.
Yes, my dear daughter said it all with her one fingered salute -


@EN if Jenna Bush wants a bully pulpit to push the *issues* she wrote about in her book any member of the DC press or NYC press corps would give her time on any show to talk issues to a news oriented audience. Being the President's daughter alone could easily get her on those shows even if she didn't have a book to hawk. Of course they might throw her a few tough questions to answer so perhaps that's why I'm not seeing here here all over the Sunday morning pundit shows.

If however she's just out pimping books to the public though, looking for publicity and a place on the best seller lists and wants to hob-nob with celebrities while doing so, then a show like Ellen's is exactly the right place for her. No way will Ellen ask her any tough questions, not even on how to fight AIDS.

And by the by if those striking writers and so many other Americans aren't getting paid a living wage much less have basic health insurance how do you expect them to help fight AIDS in third world countries?

They're both serious issues of concern to all Americans even if the WGA strike has a decidedly humorous component to it.

Personally I wouldn't buy the book of someone purportedly dealing with a human rights issue who clearly doesn't respect the human right of a living wage and access to a modicum of health care...or are all human rights not of equal importance to you EN?

@the slackmistress Keep up the good fight and thanks for the mention of wga_supporters.


You've been Farked!

(not by me, but still...)


How dare she have a mind of her own and not pander to a bunch of spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum? Damn her!

I have no sympathy for a bunch of immature blowhards who think threatening the livelihoods of thousands of innocent families is a viable option.

Get back to work biatches!!!!


"up yours strikers, you are of no importance"

Well, in reality that's true. The world wouldn't end if the writers currently refusing to do their jobs were replaced with people who were GRATEFUL for such a job.


"As for crossing the picket lines...well, maybe she thinks that some things--like AIDS in third-world countries--are more deserving of our attention and support than Hollywood writers."

Oh, no no, the strikers are the only ones who matter! How dare you suggest anything else?

Tsu Doh Nim

F@#$ unions. If you don't want to work, the companies should hire someone who is willing to work. Why shouldn't someone cross the picket line? Bunch of whiners!

If you don't like the deal you're getting , go into business for yourself. I personally believe in the free market.


Rolo Tommase

i'm no fan of jenna, but if the "zingers" in your post are indicative of the so-called jokes you think jenna was so desperate to avoid, then i seriously doubt her goal was to sidestep your biting wit.

the slackmistress

@Tsu, @Lisa:

Hey, guess what? from our shitty deal back in '88 (the one where the companies said "hey, we'll compensate you for VHS (hence, DVD) later, we promise, because that's not profitable right now) *my* family's livelihood has been threatened. If you bothered to actually do some research, you;d see that:

1. We're pissed that Ellen is back to work, and we think she's a scab. See photo linked in the article.

2. The other Unions - Unions that control the below-the-line crew people like the Teamsters - are behind us. Because things like residuals pay into their pension plans. The AMPTP isn't trying to bust our union, they're trying to bust ALL unions, and the below-the-line people realize this.

3. Are some writers rich assholes who live in Malibu? I imagine there are some. Are most writers people struggling to make a living? You bet, and I'm one of them. Yes, I'm free to do something else. (And I do something else to make ends meet.) But my Union is also free to strike. And you're free to change the channel.

Of course, you're also free to be an anonymous, or uninformed idiot. It's a great country!

the slackmistress

And yet Rolo, you read not only read, you took the time to post. Merci!


The things that people do for fun all day...

You either get it or you don't, I suppose. The naysayers will understand once they get completely dicked over at their place of employment*.

*Making knobby comments on the Internet doesn't not constitute a job, by the way. Good try, though!


How in Jenna a scab? She is not a memeber of theunion. She was not doing the job of a strikign union memeber. Besides that we are nto exactly talikng about a vital,critical to the national interest labor pool here. We are talking about writers. The same group of peopel wh ogave us such gems as Cop Rock or the "Reality" TV. Might I suggest finding some honorable form of work.

the slackmistress

1. Nowhere do I call Jenna a scab. Reading the post might be a good start.

2. Reality TV was given to you by the studios, who are looking for a cheap way out of paying WGA writers (and other unions.) The writers that they do have on their Reality Shows are working 15-20 hour days for little money and no benefits. So you have proved my point for me. Thank you.

3. I assume you were off to solve the Third World AIDS Crisis or working on getting Illegal Immigrants proper medical care the second after you posted this. And for that, I thank you.


If Jenna Bush weren't the president's daughter she'd probably be in jail for drunk driving or drugs. She CERTAINLY wouldn't have a book deal -- not in a million years. The American public will buy anything because the vast majority of them can no longer think clearly. And Ellen should be ashamed of herself. Anyone who is a scab is also profoundly selfish and ignorant. Carson Daly, too. What a jerk. Without sacrifice we end up with nothing. Scabs have zero self-esteem. I'm a writer and I'd rather work two jobs in the mall than cross the picket line.

the slackmistress

Hell, I work three jobs and I picket. It's just the reality of being a writer - you're out of work a lot. (Which is why things like DVD pennies and downloads are important.) But I sure as hell won't be a scab.

mr. shain

i think we've side-stepped the real issue at hand. carson daly has a tv show people! this is a call to action!

the slackmistress

Mr. Shain, no one was more surprised than me!


So do Snoop Dogg, Vanessa Williams, Paula Deen, Keira Knightley all hate the labor movement as well? They are all on Ellen this week. Will you block Snoop Dogg from entering the studio? Will you yell insults at him?

the slackmistress

Wow, you guys watch a lot of Ellen.

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